Sex Tips for Pleasing Women

by on November 11, 2010

Most books and magazine articles about sex promise far too much. Their screaming headlines boast that after reading just a few short paragraphs, you’ll be able to enjoy “The Hottest Night Of Your Life!”. Famously, one popular women’s title even went so far as to guarantee its readers that they could, “Make Better Love – And Lose Five Pounds Doing It!”

Well, this website will make no such claims. The chances are that you’ll have tried some of the moves in here already and either have mastered them or -just as likely – found that they lead to backache and disappointment. Of the ones you haven’t experimented with yet, the truth is some simply won’t work for you. There are bundles of advanced techniques and tricks on this site, and many of them will make a superb difference to what goes on under your duvet. So hopefully you’ll find plenty of fresh ideas to add some juice to bedtime. And that’s a promise!

THE TONGUE BATH: If you’re only kissing your lover above the neck, then you’re not kissing her properly. When she’s naked, lie her down and lick her all over, varying between using the tip of your tongue and it’s full “blade”. Concentrate on those places that don’t get much attention in the normal run of things, such as her palms, the soles of her feet, the crooks of her elbows, her spine and – if she’s not wearing foul-tasting deodorant – ┬áher armpits. For a finishing touch, point your tongue and lick out her (hopefully fluff free) navel.

LAZY MAN’S FOREPLAY: Lie behind her in the “spoons” position and slide your cock between her thighs. Without penetrating her pussy, let the head or shaft of your cock rub against her clitoris. She can set the speed and pressure to suit her, so all you really have to do is massage her breasts from behind and kiss her neck while she’s getting busy. It’s very easy for you to come in this way, but try to make sure she’s climaxed first or the continuing friction will be agonising on your glans.

FUTON BONDAGE: If you’re playing a tying up game, it can be tricky to find somewhere to attach the ropes. If you don’t own a four-poster bed, futons are the best substitute, as you can pass the bindings round the slats under the mattress. If you have a modern bed with a headboard, then you’ll either have to use very long restraints or purchase some specialized “spreader bars. Equipped with leather cuffs, these rigged bars will keep her (or you) in an X shape, ready for fun.

THE CELLO POSITION: If you enjoy a tighter “grip” when making love, hold her legs together, which will effectively tighten the vagina. It’s easier if she’s on her back, with you kneeling in front of her. Use a pillow to bring her pussy up to the right height, then prop her ankles on one of your shoulders. You cling onto her shins, thus giving you extra purchase for your thrusts, and use your spare hands to play with her nipples. It’s easy to switch smoothly to anal sex without any gymnastics.

FRUITY FOREPLAY: Taking a bite from a citrus fruit before going down on a woman will heighten her pleasure, as the sharp acids in the fruit will cause your tastebuds to enlarge, giving your tongue a rough, sandpapery surface. which will excite her clitoris more.

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